When a disc drive's driver comes on a disc

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    No keyboard found, press any key to continue.
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    Or when the mobo is newer than the os so ethernet drivers didn't come bundled with it, and you didn't think you needed to include a disk drive in your build
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    @tisaconundrum Your "h" key is broken! Type "help" for help on fixing this issue.
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    @Chippy I've still got alt codes
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    Did the disc drive's driver disk come pre-inserted in the disc drive or do they make you put the disc drive's driver disk in the disc driver yourself?
    Say that 5 times fast.
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    @LeFlawk furiously hit TAB until the button is selected and hit enter.
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    Isn't that a driver for the blu-ray reader?
    I don't recall having to install CD drivers on any recent version of Windows
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