I now understand why my Pixel 2 can't take photos...

The problem isn't the camera but the battery... Somehow the battery can't supply extra load (voltage/current?) that the camera needs...

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    What kind of battery capacity do you have there? One lemon/h?
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    @myss no idea... All I can use it for is work emails and some browsing ... Maybe 1hr
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    My husband's takes pictures pretty well. OG pixel does too, it's just eol'd.
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    @SortOfTested yes I was gonna trade in for a Pixel 4 5G on Black Friday... but still needed to fork over $200... for a phone is rarely use...
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    So it works while charging?
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    @donuts I say go for it anyway, fixing the issue probably costs just as much.
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    @theKarlisK unless you change the battery yourself
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    @theKarlisK $20 powerpak < $200, now would be $500 without the BF sale
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    @electrineer sure, if you can ... I've had a bad experience with Nexus 5 and worse with Nexus 6P (replacement parts are expensive and most components can't be changed separately and need change large portions of the phone along it or do a lot of soldering I've never done any soldering myself so that's an even bigger downside) ... and I've heard it's even worse for the pixel series where everything is glued up too. I'm vaguely recalling some iFix it articles about some Pixel devices being deemed unserviceable by users themselves.

    And 200$ price to pay for a brand new phone, which is a newer model? I say that is ==better than any powerpack that you now have to lug around everywhere until the phone can't survive without it.
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    Heck,over here you get something like a 100€ or 200€ discount off a Samsung Galaxy S20 if you bring your old Galaxy phone... that's still something like 800€ to shell out for a newer model, even if you have the previous one.

    But yeh, I still think it's a better deal to just go for the 200$ upgrade now and not have to worry about it than keep the damn thing on a 20$ life support or have to spend another 20$ if/when the el-cheapo battery pack dies or phone stops charging altogether.
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    @theKarlisK yes but the pixel 2 isn't my main phone. I use a rooted OnePlus 6.

    I use the Pixel when I need pixel only feature or must-be-unrooted apps.
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    Issue has always been... I never needed a new phone but Google made me buy a Pixel bc it decided to make Live Captions only available on some phones... OP6 not one of them... Unless ur rooted but it can't do phone calls but Pixel running Android 11 can...

    And that's why Google is now evil.
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