Posting after a break. I'm quite unproductive these days. No OSS, no side project, I'm literally doing nothing. Before you ask, I'm not depressed or even sad, just unproductive right now. I don't know if it's because of this weird time of the year, you know. 2020 is ending and I'm just tired but I believe this is a crucial time as I'm looking for placement. I just wanna go to hibernation. FML.

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    I see nothing wrong with not making side projects. Programming is a job, and while discovering or even making new frameworks afer work may be an intersting hobby to some of us, it's your private time, and you shoukd spend it in a way that makes you feel good. I personally like gaming, reading books and learning about cybersec (who wouldn't like to be able to hack into his/hers own server after forgetting the password :-))
    Don't allow your work to take over your free time and don't leave activities that you like and enjoy for your 9/5.
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    @impune-pl Thanks. What if I don't have a 9/5 job? You didn't understand. I'm wasting the entire time doing nothing.
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    @ayushjn It's still ok, sometimes you need to relax and enjoy life. If it bothers you, try looking for some hobby.
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