I know this is the problem that I need to work it out. But still I would like to share with you guys here.

I start to feel bored after working in current company for 5+ years. I love my colleagues, I love my job actually. But after 5 years, I start to feel that there is nothing much I can learn from working in this company. And that really makes me feel uncomfortable.

So I get on LinkedIn to search and apply new jobs, I think it's good to talk with experts from other companies, to know more about what's happening in world. And perhaps to find a new opportunity.

Then I happens to find a startup which is doing something fits my background, and more advance. I feel like I will learn a lot working there.

The startup is also very interested in me. So the CEO and me have a quick chat on Skype 3 days after my application. We talked a lot and feel right to each other. Which I think I am highly possible to be hired. I am really exciting.

But later, I just hesitated. Because it is an Europe company and I am born and live in Asia. Going there may sacrifice time with my family and my friends. I am afraid I can not fit in at new company. I don't even 100% sure that I will like most of the things at new company.

I know I need to make decision on my own career. I just want to share the story, it makes feel less anxious. I am talking to my manager (which is my good friend) today. I hope everything go well.

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    Good luck, may i ask which country?
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    Yeah what country?
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    The country to go isn't really matter, but it is Germany. What matter is it's too far away so that I am far away from my family and friends in both space and time :).

    I've been to Europe for business a couple of times, so I have experienced what timezone difference would make.
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    @Pythoneer Ich liebe Deutschland.

    I've been to Munich and Dusseldorf. I also visited Zugspitze. You got both great cities and amazing landscapes.
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    @Pythoneer Very inspiring comments, much appreciated. I am thinking the same as you said. Try at least a year and see how's everything going.

    I am going to Köln. Any further suggestions?
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    @Pythoneer By the way, if you are still in Taiwan or will be in Taiwan, feel free to contact with me if you need any help 😉
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    Everyone is different and have different connections with people so it may be different for you but I were in your place I would move for the opportunity. You can't always leave and come back if you think you don't really fit in there. A couple years in a foreign land is an amazing experience an must have IMO.
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