"As a leader, you should lead by example and work every day, every hour, give 150% for the dream of the company! We are detecting that people aren't giving everything to us, so you should be harder on everyone else to ensure we can deliver!
Also, your 1:1 meetings with the team should be on the Sundays to avoid spending company time on feedbacks. There is no time to feedback if you need to deliver things!"

Fuck right off with that. Will beatings continue until morale improves? Maybe seniority will arise from the gashes of the lashes on the interns.

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    LOL 1:1 on Sundays. What management dipshit came up with that crap?!
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    Let me tell you something:

    Fuck off.

    A beaten slave can't work faster as his body and mind is broken.

    I'll work as much as needed, but I'll give everyone the spare time they need - me included.

    If you want to extort and cripple productivity. Go on.

    But you won't achieve any results, even if you exchange all team members.

    Humans don't work that way. Learn it now or regret it when business goes bankrupt.

    Your choice.
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    @Fast-Nop Somebody calls me on Sunday (or Saturday) and tries to 1:1 I am just gonna BS and change subject to non work related topics. If they persist I will talk politics, alien theories, and the covid hoax. They will think they are in the weird part of youtube.
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    It's close enough to Friday. How long do you think it'll be until the defective voting machines start turning the frogs gay?
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    @SortOfTested But frogs can actually swap genders. So I don't think they can go gay. They are already bi.
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    @Demolishun that's true for all humans btw
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    @SortOfTested I heard that they will offer an alternative to being nanochipped through corona vaccinations: supporting airlines by directly inhaling the chemtrail stuff against 5G will be accepted as well!
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    @Fast-Nop But the side effects of the corona vaccines will be XMen and mass sterilizations, change my mind.

    Edit: @SortOfTested You beat me too it! Damn you!
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    The problem of dreams is that they’re all fucked up.
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    The saddest thing is the demand will most likely have the opposite of the intended effect.
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    I love hearing my co-high paid slave ranting about company shit. They want to use your weekends for free? Lol

    In my situation they told me Im the tech lead then when they introduced the team Im all by myself full stack crap hehe no other developer hehe
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