Do you have any recommendations for API monitoring?

I'm looking for something along the lines of jetbrains or postman http-tests but for multiple environments + notifications (teams, mail, ...).

Doesn't have to be fancy (6 environments, ~25 routes with a couple assertions each).

I was thinking maybe https://assertible.com/?

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    Aside from basic healthchecks? We use a combination of ELK, istio and cloudwatch.
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    For this I would just setup JMeter and let it rip.

    Setup your endpoints / environments / logging and assertions, press play and walk away.

    Come back and see what failed.
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    what metrics do you want to monitor?
    do you need transactions tracing?
    Anything customizable?
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    For starters just some basic Rest-API monitoring: http-status + response-body.

    Can be paid (but free is preferred of course).
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    We use Dredd for api testing, which is pretty easy if you have a spec file (swagger/open api).
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