My plan to become rich:

1. Create a library / framework that's really just an easy wrapper for other libraries.

2. Write a bunch of books / courses online teaching this "new" library

3. Market it to overpowered but impressionable PM's who'd fall for anything with the word "inovative" in it

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    Libraries and frameworks don't make much money because there's so much available open source. What you really need is some superficially impressive front end managerial sw that you can stick both "innovative" and "enterprise" into the marketing blurb for.

    Then once you've sold it to a few companies for mega bucks, pay peanuts to an off shore team to actually develop it.
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    My plan to become rich back in time:
    Become a youtuber - content creator
    Become a network marketer
    Buy rental properties
    Sell courses on uDemy
    Start my small business agency
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    You only can become rich by exploiting the labor of other people.

    Example: Swiss pharma company Novartis pays swiss employees the average wage of $91'000/y. The profit made from each employee is $364'000/y!
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    @nibor I'm just tired of seeing all those paid tutorials. For non-open source I understand cause there's no other way of learning unless you wanna reverse engineer the compiled code. But for Python and JavaScript, you can really just read the docs and save you a few bucks

    @heyheni so true. As @nibor said, just out-source it 😝
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    the creator of vuejs makes almost 16k a month through patreon ;)

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    So just a normal JavaScript library?
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