- Am a junior dev in an awesome team & exciting project after my apprenticeship and while having just started my part time studies
- Have restructure in company so I land in an other value stream
- Get laid off by new value stream 6 months later (now) because they have a serious budget cut
- Take time to come to terms with situation. I could finally work more on my side projects or focus a bit more on my studies. Hey actually I will have 5 months time to look for something while being paid by the company and they help me brush up my CV. Pretty neat!
- Now my former boss wants me back because of my experience in the project, but only as a production support and not as dev (because budget and they're bleeding with tickets)

Not sure if I should take the offer as it feels safe to have an income and the team is cool. However, it feels a bit like a degradation as prod support sucks in that project and I'd like to code (which wouldn't be possible then).
And as this is still my first company I'm working in, it would make sense to look for something else...

Grrr need to sleep about it... Decision-making isn't exactly my strength.

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    I'd try to get back as dev and not accept the "we don't have budget" move. What they want is basically the same competence at a hefty pay cut.

    Look for something else. If you accept that pay cut, you'll never be able to negotiate anything. Not after they'd have seen that they can fuck you left, right and centre.
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    I'm with Fast-Nop here.

    I'd be wary that what they want is you to do the same job for less.

    If you are that valued...they should pay for that value and not expect you to eat the difference.

    After you take that job there's little reason to pay you more for... what you already agreed to do for less.
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    I'm pretty sure everyone wants developers during these lockdown times. Yeah other industries might have taken a beat, but it's because they have to move everything online... exactly where WE excel right?

    The coronavirus "bug" is a "feature" for us! Jk that's insensitive...
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    Reject their offer so they come up with a better one the next time they try to hire you. I had this happen in my current company. The first time they gave me a job offer, I declined and worked somewhere else.

    A few years later, their offer was more than twice the amount of the previous one. Of course, I had more experience at the time but still, both HRs were pretty nervous that I would decline the offer. One of them is the same HR I talked to before and she told me she remembered me declining their offer before.

    Don't take shit from these people. You will always find something better. Stick to your standards and let them go if they can't keep up with it.
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    Approximately 74.43% of the rants here can be answered with “start to look for another job already”.
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    100% with @Fast-Nop here.
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    They're shafting you. Junior Devs are cheap, so there's no thing as "can't afford it" unless they're making massive cuts elsewhere (especially if your boss clearly wants you.)

    If you really *need* the income, I'd take it for something quick but immediately look for better work elsewhere too. If you don't, I'd decline and then search elsewhere for a company that respects you.
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    Thanks everyone for your input.

    To be fair, there would not have been any paycut, I would just do prod support work instead of development. And it's shit.

    I declined.

    I'm a free man now. :)
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