What's the difference between Spring Cloud and Boot? And what's a good book to learn either?

And I guess Spring as well. Is that a pre-req? I'm not familiar with much other than Bean and Context and not sure how AutoWired exactly works...

One project I have is to build an REST service but with subservices, and their replicas, handling different paths and on Openshift.

So these sub services need to be independently started but discoverable by the routing app(s).

Not sure how many layers but basically when a call hits the Router, depending on the path in the URL it sends the request to the appropriate subservices

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    Spring cloud is just cloud-centric spring Boot. They're both "microservice" frameworks. Spring cloud has additional stories for FaaS as well.

    For references and questions just type:

    Your question site:baeldung.com

    In google
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    Imho forget spring cloud if you're new, start with spring boot. Also forget the functional routing stuff and the reactive stuff - start with the basic, annotation driven endpoints and configuration.

    Once you're confident with that (there's not a great deal to it for a basic webapp) then start looking at the spring extensions and reactive bits, should you so choose.
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    @AlmondSauce what do you mean by reactive?

    Any ideas for personal projects to learn Spring, Spring Boot?

    How did you pick up Spring?

    The latest one I can think of is a file service so I can transfer files from my phone to a host pc....

    Would be nice though if I could create an app that can discover the host service over the network actually... Never done that before but could Spring Cloud do that or still need some known Server where both explicitly register?
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    Actually wondering how are apps like Fing, Plex able to discover other devices/hosts on a network?

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