Let's see if this kitty survives the code review and makes it to production.

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    Just wondering: how much work time did you 'wasted' on this?
    And in which type of company do you work that you really hope this could survive a review? :D
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    ++ for the cat (that's a cat right? ) haha
    also subbing for updates ;)
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    @yzhea its nyan cat. Its really famous as a meme.
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    @chipset oh I see :D hahah (now googling nyan cat)
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    Probably spends hours on that, doesn't has the time to make a proper Screenshot
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    Also it seems to be a Hello World project, wondering what kind of code review this is about to go through
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    Why do you have ie open?
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    This rant is so troll on so many levels lol
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    I was hopping that you were one of my coworkers, but then I saw your project name. :D
    It's a nice idea, really, waste of time also, but still good to check who can do their job, or show any type of critical opinion.
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    How did you do that? Is there an guide how to do it with logback? Sorry I'm new to Java.
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    1) awesome!
    2) print
    3) screen

    Optional) Add "Fucking" before any of the above.
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    @byt3cod3 Asking the important questions I see.
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    gogetmeajob is amazing name for your amazing first rant !
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    Why do people moan over the "waste of time" without any clue if the poster worked overtime, has a flexible schedule or simply his company doesn't care?
    I'm not saying you should spend working hours doing that, but hey, sometimes I worked overtime a lot and did some stupid stuff for fun.
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    @Cranio76 Not to mention waiting on code to compile ;) Always a good reason to dick around.
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    Do I see Vista?
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    You have Chrome but opened IE?!????
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    @KnutKnutsen It's Java so he probably didnt waste time doing it.
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    Hmmm, using Junit for some testing I see...
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    @billgates good catch Bill Gates.
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    @Cranio76 @ericfledderman Maybe he did it at home then brought it to work. Or he could of done it while taking a massive dump at work. (I hope it's this one 😉!)
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