That moment when you show a funny devRant to your group of friends and you sit there crying from laughter while they just look weird at you because they doesn't know how to code. I think I need a new group of friends...

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    the very day I installed devRant the friend next to me asked "what is that?", to which I replied "It looks like 9gag for programmers, it should be fun". Her response was "Ohh... sounds boring as hell"...

    non-programming peasants...
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    @d3vRejoice - we on devRant are your friends.
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    @Jumpshot44 very true my friend.
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    I feel the same way! I have one programming friend and he does M$ languages like asp.net while I'm mainly Linux based like php. we both get the gist of the others work but it's not the same
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    'Oww.. looks.. cool.. maybe?' and then he walks away staring at you.
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