"Get a job doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" they said

What they didn't tell us is that it would lead us to babysitting/troubleshooting continuous deployments at 3 am on a Sunday with a black Irish coffee and a manic look on our faces

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    But that’s not work, it’s the Saturday night drama/horror movie :P
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    If you make your hobby your job, it isn't your hobby anymore.
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    For me it's babysitting monkeys and cleaning up all the shit they they keep producing... Faster then I can clean...
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    Also a having a boss that keeps asking why...

    I tell him there's a problem, give him the gist, and I'm fixing it... Last thing I need is to have to keep stopping and explain it in detail and answer all the questions....

    Especially when I'm on overtime.
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    It sucks to see a dev that loves the business but is broken down by shitty conditions.
    I sometimes think the dev industry is way too lenient with over-time.
    Imagine a factory worker being called in at 3AM to help out at the conveyor belt. The union would go bananas.

    In some cases it's possible to change the rules from inside very easily
    (Yes, I know this is totally impossible in other situations and you'd get fired if you'd refuse to do over-time)
    I worked for a company where - at the time I joined - everyone on the dev team was fine with the policy that we could get a call at any time if there was an incident in prod.
    I thought it was fine.
    "Guess that's how the business works"

    But then we got a new employee who had experience dealing with employee deals - and the first thing he said was "this is unacceptable!" - and within 1 week the company changed the policy to make it almost impossible to contact devs outside of office hours unless it was a legit crisis.
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