How to disable "New comments on a rant you commented on!" notifs?

As a true narcisist, We are not interested in people's comments as long as they aren't praising Us and Our ingenious words. As all comments mentioning Us are also praising Us, only showing notifications for comments that mention Us would be fine.

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    On the app, hit the three dots menu (top right) and choose Mute notifs
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    My devRant reader is the Chromium app on Gentoo. There is no mute option in the three-dots menu.
    Also i actually am dependant on the notifs for comments mentioning me. So i don't want to turn them all off - just the ones wich aren't really related to my activity.
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    You can't do it at the app level. Given a particular rant, you can ask to mute all notifs except the @mentions
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    Official Mobile app you can control all (see screenshot).

    Settings -> notifications -> use toggles.
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    I know, that most of us are working under rather precarious conditions - not having the luxorious space to put a PC and monitor - and therefore it isn't a surprise that mobile seems the way to go for most of the users here.
    But i am one of the lucky ones who still can afford using a PC in a fixed location despite its space requirements.
    I have a smartphone too - but i am not actually using it for anything else than navigation, reading ebooks, and pretending to be "available" while actually having airplane mode on...
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    @Oktokolo honestly mobile is just easier, it's not because of space constraints
    I have a dual workstation setup at home, I wouldn't even bother using that for dR. Convenience, it's just a tap away on my phone
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    @Oktokolo use a different third arty app
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    I would like to have a setting to mute comment motifs by default, without a need to manually mute them in every rant.
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    +100 notifs. Wow
    Taps. All of them "new comments on a rant you commented on" 😤
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