Looks like despite 20-30 years on the market all popular text / spreadsheet editors are still loading whole file to memory.

What the fucking wankers. WTF are they doing whole day besides changing menu layout and icon colors ?

Clearly development today is lead by bunch of idiots from marketing department accompanied with HR hiring social network self made models.
What a fucked up world.
Let’s add AI to our software but fails to open 150MB csv file.

Great job everyone. Great job.

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    That's not "AI" tho. "AI" promises intelligence yet these guys deliver stupid systems all around.
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    This is a side effect of most CEOs being people pleasers, they could've give 2 fucks about software/hardware as long as the client or customer is "happy" and pays up.

    Which is pretty sad imo, more engineers should become entrepreneurs.
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    I mean Excel can't open two spreadsheets with the same name, due to the fact that it considers only the name to be unique rather than say the entire file path.

    You'd think maybe that be something MS could change...but nope shine icons it is.
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    @TestInProd423 and animations that are laggy as hell when scrolling fast, generally annoying and break stuff. Like if I scroll more than half a page at once in a recent Visio or Excel the screen freezes for ⅓ of a second. Who needs this?
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