Is there an open source (or free) service for website prototyping?

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    Can you be a little more specific? What are you trying to accomplish?
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    @anon81 Sorry. I know. Not good answers without good explanation.
    I'm looking for a frontend tool to create drafts for clients. So I don't want to code just to give them an first impression. Drag and drop or something like that would be finde.
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    This is like a scene from SO:

    - Is there <soft>?

    - wild downvote appeared
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    @KeyWeeUsr Your comment didn't answer my question but it made me laugh :D
    Gess "-1" means "no"...
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    @AndiLeni well, this isn't answer-question place per-se either :P

    -1 can also mean "use google", because it's faster than answering btw :)
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    @KeyWeeUsr Using google is good. Getting information from experienced developers is better. :)
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