So about that job offer (https://devrant.com/rants/3654950/...)

After a weekend of deliberation, I’m going to turn down an offer with a roughly 40% raise to my current salary and the opportunity to work with a language I rly like. Sounds crazy, eh? Maybe it is, too.

However, while the raise woul’ve been great, the job itself sounded interesting enough, and I didn’t think I’d pass on such a chance, I do value my current position, colleagues, the atmosphere at the office, the way - while a little underpaid - we are taken so well care of as employees by our management. It does make for an environment where going to the office and doing your job is a joy.

I think the company I work for rn has more to offer for me, and I have more to offer to them. It’s not my time to jump the ship just yet.

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    @F1973 I didn’t set out looking for a change, I was sought after in this case.

    It was too interesting to not consider at all. And I’m confident that if I want to change to a different kind of grass later, I’ll find the fields that suit me. F# devs are at least for now a rarity around here...
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    @F1973 oh and the mental model you sent me really helped me make my decision, especially when prioritising my more immediate needs and wants. So thank you mate!
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