A meeting to redefine the definition of done. Which a "senior" programmer threw in.

3 hours after we are still there to "define"... All of this because this developer and a couple more want to keep a physical board which has no space for a "testing" section, so the tasks need either to be done-but-not-really and this is technically wrong (who cares?) or in-progress-but-not-really which is technically wrong (again, who cares?).

Just effin find a bigger board and don't waste 3 hours of my life and/or start thinking pragmatically and accept tasks can move backwards or have a ticket saying "testing" stuck to them, ffs!

The funny part? This dev is probably one of the grumpiest devs I met when you talk about meetings which are actually useful.

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    This is where a digital board wins!

    Adjust the workflow however you please, make it 6 miles long if you want.... I mean, it's an option at least.
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    @C0D4 and it also allow for remote work and not having to walk across the office every damn time you have to update a task, so why would a senior dev reject it?

    "I jUsT LiKe To StReTcH mY lEgS bEtWeEn TaSkS"

    "Senior" my ass...
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    @piratefox there's "SeNiOr" and there's Senior 😉

    Mind you I'm not a fan of physical boards, way to easy for them to become out of sync, especially if your also using a digital board.
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    @C0D4 neither am I, cannot see them from my home when I work remotely! (And you never know when you may need to work from home)
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