Me, 5 years ago:
Light theme sucks, everything must join the dark side!

Me, now older and obviously wiser:
Actually, light theme is nice, it forces you to work in daytime, with less frequent headache.

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    Shoutout to my blind fish tech lead
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    I agree. However, color-coded syntax elements are better visible on the darker background. I tried to come back to the light, I really did. I've successfully switched several tools and sites back to light. However, not the case for IDEs. I have slight colour blindness (I find it difficult to tell several light colour shades apart, even when they are next to each other) and I just can't work with a bright IDE. I just can't. It gives me too much of a headache.

    Happy it worked for you tho!
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    Dark is nice, but..

    Really difficult to find systems that can scroll without it all going to pot.

    With a light scheme, you don't notice that !

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    > OnePlus 3 purple smear
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    Light mode is nice when you want to force yourself not to work outside of working hours and also if you're in a really lit place.
    Otherwise it fucking sucks.
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    My 2 cents...
    When I work on light theme (or browse the internet for too long without using dark reader), my eyes feel more fatigued.
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    That doesn't make any sense, the main purpose of a dark theme is to reduce eye strain: the main cause of headaches while working long hours behing a screen.
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