Customer: "Our people keep clicking the save button and it saves things and now we have lots of things."

Me: "Should we remove their option to save?"

Customer: "Oh no we want them to be able to save."


Prepare for business rules hell where our protagonist has to account for other human's lack of self-control by applying business logic produced by middle managers who have no idea what anyone who works for a living actually does.

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    I remember when in a previous company, we upgraded the application (from IBM) and it went from manual save to auto-save. The users got so used to clicking the "save" button that they started complaining about being unable to save because the button turned gray after a few seconds.

    It was so god damn stupid, there's no amount of business logic that can prevent incidents like that.
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    > Prepare for business rules hell

    This should be framed and hung in every devs office
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    @rutee07 maybe make an icon where the save button is which indicates "saved" and additional info text with says "your data has been saved automatically" when hovering...
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    I kid you not but at my previous job we added a dummy button for exactly the same reason
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