Is a BS in CS even worth it? I’m struggling so much right now with many different aspects of “online learning”, to the point where I spend the entire day shaking in misery. I was fine until I realized how close we are to finals this semester. The worst part is, this semester isn’t my last hard semester. Taking two miserable CS courses in the Spring as well, so it isn’t as easy as just keeping my head up and making it through this semester.

I finished my AA in CS from a local Community College, and I’m wondering if it’s worth the stress of the next two years in this degree track?

I’ve never tested well, but these CS and Math courses hit differently when online. I pass every single coding project with ease, but fail exams (literally). I realize my AA doesn’t mean much, but I do have lots of experience coding (Way beyond what I’ve learned in school).

Truth be told, I think I just want to hear you guys say it’s not worth it. Most companies that I see requires either a BS or equivalent experience, how do I get that experience, especially with COVID?

I feel like a failure, and I can’t deal with this pressure on me daily. My mental health has taken a giant hit recently. I know for a fact that I cannot endure another two years of this.

Someone, guidance. Please.

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    Get your degree. Most other countries require them for professional jobs, they're close to free if not entirely free, and jobs are global now, so you will compete with people who have them.
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    I hate to say it, but yes, it's worth it. I got an AAS in CS, and then dropped out without getting a BS. But then I spent 9 months job-searching, before I ended up stuck in a level 1 tech support job for two years. I only got a dev job after that because they weren't looking for experienced developers and seriously lowballed my salary.

    I'm not really sure that working from home is much better than taking online classes from home, anyway. I'm about to lose my mind and even took a day off today for the sake of my mental health.
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    Yes it definitely is worth it.
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    Yo, rule one of success is to get comfortable with failing.
    Try your hardest, and manage your stress. Fear of failing is often worse than failing.
    I know the financial pressure doesn't help, but don't focus on that. Your health is important. More important than one semester.
    Find an academic advisor from your course and talk to them about your situation.
    Also, this is normal. Believe me, almost everyone goes through it at some point in life. Your level of success depends on how you handle these stressful times.
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    Yes, worth it.

    Rightly or wrongly, companies will usually just toss your CV with no degree, especially with entry level dev jobs, but sometimes even if you have related experience. Don't believe anyone who idealistically says "Ah, no-one cares about degrees these days man" - it's complete crap. You need it.
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    Thanks for all the comments, yesterday was a really bad day and getting actual insight helped a ton.

    I’ve decided to drop CS and switch to Information Science. I realize that it doesn’t compare to CS, but it’s mentally much more manageable.

    I’ve come to terms with the fact that not everyone is built for CS, and unfortunately, I’m one that is not.

    Ideally, I can still switch and graduate within a decent time period. Although it’s not ideal, a BS in IS and a AA in CS might still be worth something in the future.

    Thanks again.
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    @Nachfolger hey! IS is not bad either! I think we were mainly talking about "you should finish a degree and it's good for your future" rather than "CS is superior". Any kind of tech degree is good for your future so congrats on finding your way! 😁😁
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