Every Monday I am privileged to wake up 1. 5 hours earlier and listen to executives talk about what meetings they had with potential customers and what news about ongoing agreements with other potential customers (which have been in the pipeline for 1 year or more sometimes)

Why is this necessary?? There has been virtually no progress on any of the topics discussed. At least nothing that concerns us devs.

Instead we get to wake up earlier, waste 1 hour, and get bored listening to what essentially seems like a sales speech while convince the employees the company is not spinning its tires while stuck in the mud.

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    Monday morning meetings with execs? That sounds like a gateway to alcoholism
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    @valkn0t thanks for the tip. I'll get right on that
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    This are "company spirit" meetings. For some unknown reasons, some managers (especially, when they are also founders of the company) are of the opinion, that they have to ensure, that everyone "identifies" with the company and its goals. So they really try hard to sell you their emotions over and over - not realizing, that it does not work that way - on devs (it works pretty well on marketing and sales though).

    Not sure if trying to look convinced can end the meetings. But you can always try...
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