Maybe i should just stop giving a fck and purposefully miss deadlines that seem impossible.

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    You should warn them, and then miss the deadline. Just missing it doesn't paint the whole picture.
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    @HitWRight already did... Sorta gave a "here's everything that needs to be done" rant to my boss this morning...
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    Nice, hopefully things will change soon for you for the better ^^
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    You have to push back *as soon as* you're given unrealistic deadlines, if necessary with a breakdown of the estimated time to complete and an estimated completion date.

    Do that and you push the problem back on your manager. Just miss them, or complain about them just before, and it just looks like you can't be arsed with the work, or you're dreadfully unorganised.
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    @AlmondSauce but you see the issue is also all the prod issue that pop up out of nowhere do a estimates of 2wks is correct until some unrelated problems take up all that time...

    Root cause of problems, tech debt and other developers inability to even investigate it
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    @donuts Mail (never call - leave a paper trail!) your boss whenever such issues pop up: you have a tight deadline and will miss it if you work on troubleshooting instead. Ask him to decide what you are supposed to work on.

    And never accept the classic "do both" escape manoeuvre. Answer that in this case, both will suffer from delay, which is why it's up to hiom to decide to have at least one of them on time - but which one?

    And if it's troubleshooting, announce the corresponding delay in the other project to the stakeholders, with new estimated target date.
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    @donuts Either give an estimate based on the condition of 80% time, then flag whenever something specific means you'll no longer hit that estimate - or take a very pessimistic approach assuming everything will break.
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    @AlmondSauce yes I did that yesterday. Cake a 1 day task 3 days and adjustment it turned out correct as today , day 2, was a complete write off...
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    Wait...yall are hitting deadlines?
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    I did and it worked
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