I pay for Youtube, because I'm a Google music (now youtube music, and much worse than it was) subscriber. Youtube pisses me off because if I curiously watch some video, their algo swoops in and starts recommending videos from r/youseeingthisshit or Craig ferguson clips, or fox news, or pbs kids or some other bullshit I don't want in my feed. The only way to disable algo, as far as I know, is to browse "incognito," which then forces ads on me.

Has newpipe been broken for everybody else for a while too?

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    I tried a little youtube music after the switch.

    Youtube music really isn't a replacement for google music at all.

    At one point it tried to sell me music... like bro I'm signed up to listen to unlimited music, why would I also want to buy it?!?!!?

    I unsubscribed.
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    I find myself opting not to look up a video on YouTube, because of the effect it'll have on my feed. That is the exact opposite of what Google wants, isn't it?
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    @bahua Indeed.

    AI is pointed AT us, it doesn't work FOR or WITH us.... and thus it is more of a pain than helpful.
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    @bahua Yeah, I've been in a similar situation. Best way I found is to browse without being logged in and clearing cookies every time you close the tab/browser.

    You now what to do about the ads

    PS: Google is already getting your money through your subscription wether you use it or not
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    Forgive my apparent ignorance but is Spotify not a potential replacement for Google Music if YouTube isn't up to the task?
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    Maybe it is, but that's not the point of this post.
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    I was a NewPipe user before all the youtube-dl problems but now I miss it.
    The repo is I active so here's hoping for a new update!
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    Actually NewPipe is working great!
    After commenting on this post, I started my quest for updates.
    I searched on their repo which led me to their site where I was instructed to add their upstream repo in Fdroid.
    I had to uninstall the app and then just had to follow the steps.
    Apparently the fdroid apk for NewPipe is too outdated as NewPipe recommends this solution for faster updates.
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    Yeah, only today I got prompted within the app to update to a newer version than fdroid has, so I did, through the project website. Now it works great.
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