I love ruby????? I just started learning it so far It's so good!

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    I gues yes?
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    If you have questions, @Root might be nice to answer. Fairy of the Ruby Necroverse, Guardian of the Shitlords Screwdiver of Doom and Darkness...

    Time for my meds I guess
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    Ruby is wonderful!

    Out of every language I’ve used, Ruby is my favorite by far. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to read and write and maintain, it’s decently fast, it runs everywhere, etc. Everything is an object and everything can have methods defined and called on it, so you can make it read any way you want. It’s absolutely amazing for DSLs. And it’s great for code golfing too.

    Besides, I love gems 🐉
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    @IntrusionCM Necroverse? I know it’s a recurring joke, but Ruby isn’t dead, you know 😛
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    @Root Women and their jewelry...
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    @Root Not in that kind of sense...

    More that at your work you've a ton of different Ruby version if i remember correctly... And a ton of outdated / dead Ruby tooling :)

    Hence the Ruby necroverse xD things that should have been long deaaad
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    My condolences
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    @IntrusionCM Fair point! Some of it really is dated. But I use it outside of work, too, and so my best to keep up with the latest.
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    There was a TV series with a Ruby in it in the 1980's, but I still can't remember what the name of the series was !
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    @IntrusionCM one shall not speak about the screwdriver shit show, that haunts our empress @Root.

    ..but you nailed it. 😅
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