I got to say I get a good kick out of devRant randomly crashing when I tap to view a post. It’s like a meta joke or something.

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    It’s an engagement feature.

    No crashes at all? It’s relaxing and cathartic, leading to lower content generation.

    Too many crashes? You get pissed off at the platform, and most of the content, then, is about the platform itself and how it sucks.

    But if it crashes just the right amount? Especially since the app saves your rant in progress? This keeps you pissed off and actually increases quality content generation, but without redirecting your ire. It’s ingenious.

    dfox and trogus are absolutely brilliant.
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    @Root touch . itsnotabugitsafeature.jpg
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    @Root 🤔 you could be onto something.
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    You should try the premium version - it runs smooth and stable in the Chromium web reader app.
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