Hi fellow devs!

As a developer it is a crucial to be productive. Obviously the most effecient way is to get in the flow.
What is your rituale to reach this state?

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    A quick smoke, a coffee, headphones in slow electronica blaring and I can go naught to Zen in 30seconds
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    Coffee overdose and some random programming list from spotify also movie music works for me.
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    Somewhere around my sixed coffee, and wasting 4 hours. Its getting really annoying.

    Not sure how to break this downward spiral. ;)
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    Get into work at 9, check my emails in case there's anything urgent, reply, grab a coffee, plan out what I need to do today, headphones in playing some sort of rock / metal, random playlist, playing songs I don't know helps me concentrate as I'm less likely to "sing along" and it blocks out any distractions in the office, finally start coding at 11:30.

    If there's anything that requires an urgent fix I tend to that sooner.
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    Cafe music works for me
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    Two coffees to boot up and a dark room - only keyboard and screen light allowed.
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    A browser window that only allows StackOverflow. No IM.
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