Is there any platform that can help me learning different programming languages?

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    What did you have in mind green dot?
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    Try these things:
    1. Read a book on learning a language
    2. Read articles on learning a language
    3. Go through tutorials online on learning a language
    4. Watch videos on learning a language

    Usually people like to learn in one of these ways. But my advice to you is do a ton of Google research and don't ask any one for help unless you absolutely need to. But if u find out you don't like it, that's ok too.
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    Start with python tutorials (articles/youtube). Learn the basics (data types, conditions, loops) and then do a small project ("todo app") and go from there.

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    Learn X in Y minutes!


    Most tutorials go back to "if you wanna add `a` and `b`, you must write `a + b`. LearnXinYMinutes cuts all the crap and just goes straight to the point. After that just go with the docs
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