React is an overengineered pile of shit designed to let pretentious developers show of their golden arse holes with useless implentations of worthless business cases where everything and anything is an abstraction of some silly theory.

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    Let's all go Vanilla latte
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    Look into Surplus. I use it for all of my own projects. It's written by a computer scientist, based on a theoretically sound library, has minimal overhead, mandates absolutely nothing about how you build your application or structure your components or whatever, converts down to vanilla (!!!) javascript (no shadow dom or any tricks like that), and consistently places #1 on performance charts (apart from vanilla, of course).

    It's also very much underground and untainted by fanatics.
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    Let me guess, you've been asked to work with/on a React project after mainly working with something like Vue/Angular or you're more of a backend developer that is sometimes asked to help with the front-end?
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    @skylord You're very much spot on.

    I consider myself a full stack developer, though I have more experience doing backend work.

    Last few years my front end work has been equally divided between React and Angular.

    I always disliked React, thought it was the fault of other developers over-engineering and complicated stuff.

    This time I am creating a React project from scratch. Thought I would like it better if I was involved in the process from the beginning. It turns out, I have created the same pile of crap and I still don't like React.
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    @ReverendLovejoy It's just preference then, I've been using the 3 interchangeably over the past 3 years as a contractor and now a full stacker working full time. React was the first one I learned out of the three and somehow I really, really enjoy it a lot, much more than Vue or Angular
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