Is that time of the year when my company sends us gifts and they end up being the worst chinese products.

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    Oooh pictures please!!!

    One year I got a ... thing. It was a 3 legged stool, it was part of some teamwork story they told us.

    Anyway it looked like something you made out of clay at home and baked then hand panted.

    I'm not joking every one of them looked different in shape, finger marks, and paint... like some kindergartners were lined up and put to work in China.....

    It was actually kinda creepy....
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    I got a $5 gift card as my 1 year anniversary bonus in an email from the exec secretary. And a message from the CEO saying “I heard from x who heard from y that you were doing a good job. I also heard from z that you were doing a good job.” That was actually a little nice, even if it was completely impersonal.

    HR also forgot my birthday (they’re a big thing at the company).

    Someone remembered that it was my 1 year and posted about it in slack where about 80% of the company could see. That person and one other (whom i don’t even work with) added a cake emote. A happy birthday to someone else got 57 emotes. lol

    The company really knows how to make me feel welcome. (And this isn’t even mentioning the political crap at the company, where they’re vocal about how every non-super-lefty is evil and racist and a white supremacist / nazi.) Wheeee.

    Oh, my girlfriend bought me a birthday gift from kickstarter with my card, and it never shipped.

    It’s been great.
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    You guys are getting gifts?!
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