Is it called school if the programming teacher is troubleshooting the other (incompetent) programming teachers program for at least 45 minutes? Happend to me today.

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    There is no better education than learning from errors
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    Ask the teacher to explain why the program is crap and how you can avoid the same mistakes. That would be a good lesson.
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    Was it school when the teacher had to ask students to help him :)

    Sure it was, a very efficient school for those with the will do learn.
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    The amount of shit template code we were meant to work from in uni assignments ... Wow.

    Learnt some good stuff from university courses, but god some of it was frustrating.
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    School is in session... Really depends on the error (let's say problem) at hand.
    If it's an interesting problem than it will be very educational. If it's someone trying to come to grasp with programming in general it will likely be looking at someone with a blindfold in while the rest can see. Fun to watch but not really educational
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    Let's just say, that I know the shit show of school, that the little fella @Lucypher66 has to visit..

    A very rare number of teachers in this school actually know, what they are doing. But some.. well..
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