I hereby officially revoke my rant on Paint.NET:


After some review I've gotta say, despite its shortcomings it is pretty good for what it is.

So yeah, gonna own that error in judgement.

(Eclipse still sucks though. No error there.)

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    Ever tried Macromedia fireworks mx 2004? That one was by far my favourite image editor. But it wasn't popular afaik.
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    @rooter fireworks was the worst, photoshop was the goto back then.
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    @C0D4 I'm more about the ux than the functionality. But, even in functionality, the layer slicing and png project files were awesome! Besides of effects, fireworks has a lot to offer
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    @C0D4 btw, what sucked about fireworks?
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    You talk about photoshop back then, but anyone use Jasc PaintShop Pro?
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