I swear to God it's people like this that just get on my nerves
"Oh look at my fucky javascript code"
It appears that proper tagging is not just a devRant issue.

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    I mean, in devRant the problem is relatively tame, I hate it the most when there are multiple tags of the same thing, especially when they're case sensitive, example: needhelp, need_help, needHelp and NeedHelp, and my favorite(same thing but different words): help_me
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    Well maybe javascript users should call it ecma so we don't have issues like this? I blame the idiot that called it javascript in the first place. Its equally annoying when people are being taught to program C++ likes its C. Then you have "low level" language people who start calling C/C++ a low level language. Nevermind that C/C++ abstracts the hardware details away. Which is the defining attribute of a high level language. There is so much shit in programming these days. Its like there is an influx of new people learning how it all works. Fuck you people, this is an exclusive club of condescending dickwads. You new people are not invited.

    Edit: Yeah, they annoy me too...
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    When I was in my second year of university a fellow student was in a web API module with me.

    During a lab my lecturer was making rounds and he came to this student who he thought looked a little lost and asked him of he needed help.

    The guy said no, he will manage.

    My lecturer was still concerned and asked him of has programming experience.


    "Ok do you have a maths background?"


    "Ok. Don't worry here is a link to a JavaScript tutorial. I will come back in an hour and we can do our best."

    *1 hour later*

    "How's it going?"

    'I visited this website instead but I don't get it. Your examples don't look anything like this :('

    "That's java."


    "Ok. Java is different."

    'It shouldn't be.'

    "Ok. Are you interested in programming?"

    'No I just want to make robots.'

    My lecturer just silently walked away.
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    @craig939393 I wonder if his perception of robots was the R2D2 kind.
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    I don't get it, there's a difference between Java and JavaScript :O ?

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    @Hazarth Well, they are both shitty languages. Completely understandable confusion.
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    @Demolishun but they are shitty in completely different ways 😁
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    @Demolishun Although Java has a nice ecosystem, though the language sucks indeed.
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