What are the best security tips to protect any company/organization from intruders?

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    Lock the doors
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    Everyone get under their desk and turn the lights off to pretend no one is there. Worked in elementary school
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    To put it out like Steve:

    Educate educate educate!!!!1!2!1!2!!!
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    Mandate everyone to change their passwords from the default password.
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    Live in a country/city that people are armed. Encourage employees to conceal carry.

    Crime rate plummets. Criminals move on to easier targets.
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    Don't store anything that you wouldn't want stolen. Also don't provide any service that would cause you problems if compromised. Then you're basically immune to attacks and probably don't have a company to protect!
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    tough question. everything connected to the internet is a potential threat.
    every user with access to your system can also be a threat.
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    Large african gentlemen with firearms.
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    That entirely depends on a shitload of factors and contexts 😅 (cybersecurity engineer here)
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    Setup a VPN, setup strong antivirus, Install adblocker on all browsers, use plugins to stop file uploads, there can be other strong restrictions in place.
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    @netikras what if Hold door is told to lock the door but instead, he Holds the door.
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    @TBot that woild work too I guess.
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