I JUST GOT AN OFFER. God has blessed me. I also found out I have cancer a couple weeks ago. What a confusing time this is lol.

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    Chop chop? 😬
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    Cancer? Early stage?

    Wish you the best recovery, man
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    When life asks you "good new or bad news?".. damn.

    Congrats, and also, shit :/
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    I upvoted this then felt it was wrong so I removed my upvote. You'll get through this, man. Take care.
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    I definitely don't want to get "blessed" by that god...
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    Best of luck, and more importantly: best of health 😥
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    Oh shit, best of luck!! I hope this offer has made your day!
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    Type? If folding@home lists it as an option I'll switch my server to it asap
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    Congrats on the new job. Kick cancers butt. 💪🏾
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    I hope for a speedy remission/removal of it man! congrats on the job offer, and I truly wish the cancer goes away
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    Trials in life. You gotta fight and overcome it. Push. Life is hard and we gotta beat hardships in life. You can do it.
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    ++ for support, certainly not liking the second part of that. Good luck with everything, and make sure you put your health first.
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    Thanks for your comments guys, I appreciate it. :)
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