I have iPhone and Android phone. Devrant crashes most of the time while using iPhone.

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    That is correct. Dfox is lazy.
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    @bagfox Apple is shit, and as a dev poking in a constant stream of diarrhea makes no fun.
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    @IntrusionCM It’s not about what YOU like, but having CHOICE.
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    @IntrusionCM A dev should neither be a fanboy nor an anti fanboy. Cmon, get your shit together.
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    @bagfox let me make some things clear.

    It's not that my dislike of Apple made me state that.

    My comment was not based on a subjective level - it was objective.

    In the last years, Apple has a severe case of "We broke stuff, again".

    While some magazines / Apple zealots will claim that the features like Gatekeeper still have it's value, which isn't wrong, it's incredible how much they fucked it up - and these fuckups shouldn't be " beautified ".

    Big pile of shit with a ton of rose petals on it is still a big pile of shit.

    Gatekeeper is one example.

    They broke the PDF viewer.

    They stored clear text passwords in syslogs for FS decryption.

    They rolled out a new FS and did a forced upgrade in background without even finished development of the FS tools.

    And these are just the tip of the iceberg. If I had to write an essay, it would be the silmarillion compared by depth.

    Android had some major fuckities, yes.

    But Apple. They force feed you unfinished, untested shit so they have something to show off during their yearly conference without giving a fuck about how a developer should make it work at all.
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah cool. Both sides are bad. There is no alternative.

    Not an excuse to make the same level of shitty apps, because “it’s not as easy”.

    It wasn’t my choice to make windows phone apps, but yet, I tried to make the best I could out of it.
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    @IntrusionCM It’s not like I support Apple, the one iPhone in the bin with many androids is puzzled together myself.
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    I am an iPhone user. No devRant issues to report. Might I suggest a shutdown and power up once in a while.
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    @helloworld I have the same experience, devrant used to crash repeatedly when opening comment list but the last months its been very stable. If that is the new IOS, the new iphone or fixes from dfox is unknown but it does work much better.
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    @Voxera in android, it did not crash yet. I'll try to restart my iPhone. I don't have the latest iOS yet.
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