This is why you should make a knowledge database and never trust the internet to keep things

Two quality rants with a lot of useful information I favorited are missing, surely because their authors removed their account

Lesson learned. One more resolution to apply for 2021

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    Please save this lesson before it gets deleted
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    On the one hand, I love the privacy guarantee of your rants disappearing if you ever need to delete your account because it's getting you in real-life trouble.

    On the other hand, I miss Jenny.
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    i personally want to download all my rants and their comments and save them in a mail or as files in drive. their seems to be a `web-devvy` way to do so, but am too lazy to do so

    @theabbie do you have a scraper bot for that?
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    One way is:


    h t t p s : / / w e b . a r c h i v e . o r g / w e b / 2 0 2 0 1 2 1 3 2 3 0 5 0 4 / h t t p s : / / d e v r a n t . c o m / r a n t s / 3 7 3 2 9 4 0 / t h i s - i s - w h y - y o u - s h o u l d - m a k e - a - k n o w l e d g e - d a t a b a s e - a n d - n e v e r - t r u s t - t h e - i n t e r n e t - t o

    Remember copy and paste doesn't copy the whole URL :-)

    Another way is an OLR...


    h t t p s : / / e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / O f f l i n e _ r e a d e r

    This is what the Illuminati have used for decades, and why they are ahead of us..
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    @Nanos fyi the links are minified, but work on click. not sure how to use your expanded urls with spaces tho
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    @Nanos Yeah forgot about webarchive, I'll try to find them with it. Also I'll consider this, I just wonder how this is different than downloading a webpage from the browser or automated scraping
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    Ah, so now I know what the term is, "Minified" !

    To use a URL with spaces in it, remove the spaces. :-)

    Text editor with find spaces, and replace with nothing is what I use.


    And I get the sudden impression no one notices this..

    All the URL's I post with spaces in them, are the exact copy of the URL above, without spaces !

    So, under normal circumstances, you won't need to take the spaces out.

    But it sure helps with reducing RSI issues having to mouse over that minified URL to see if it goes anywhere you might want to visit.

    And helps with archive where folk have just copied and pasted the entire message thread which then leaves you with only copied minified URL's and not the whole thing.
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    It's a shame some sites make it almost a capital crime to scape their pages, like Facebook for example, that is just crying out to have its data archived !
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    @yowhatthefuck No, and I don't think that's allowed, just submit your rants to web archive.
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    @theabbie why wouldn't that be allowed? the rants are public anyways. a simple scraper would be enough to scrape all the rants and i guess there's even an api for it
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    @yowhatthefuck Rants are DevRant's property and storing anyone's rant on server might be objectionable by them, it's not a big deal but some people here are extreme privacy freaks.
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    @theabbie Wow, you care so much about people's privacy now. What are you compensating for? Perhaps a recent ban?
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    @rutee07 I guess you already know, also because it's a bad idea.
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    @theabbie Lmao did he get banned for mass collecting of data?
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    @Frederick He seems to have gone quiet shortly after NoMad got someone banned for mass-downvoting her, but I don't know.
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    @bakk And when we finally got some action going on here, i did miss it due to being inactive. That sucks.
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    @Frederick Long story, but you are in right direction.
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    archived for posterity: archive . is/FUWd7
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    @rutee07 and I was just starting to enjoy being on the platform again.
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    I just realized i didnt tag the correct person.

    @Elyz Tbh @theabbie does make good entertainment sometimes, besides i would rather have people like him around, than all of these annoying shitposters who cant even post to the right category.
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    @Frederick Are you the same Frederick who blocked me on Discord?
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    @Frederick I respectfully disagree.
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    @Elyz Btw i want my identity back 😂🤣😭
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    @Frederick Not my fault nobody understands 🤷🏻‍♀️
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