I dont know if i should learn typescript, i really like how it shows any error if you have done some mistake in the code in realtime. But it seems kinda hard and its not used that much at my office work. Should i start learning now or should i focus on strengthening my react skills for now? I work on react and javascript on daily basis.

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    Learn typescript. It’s a huge boost to your productivity, and the fact that it catches compile time errors is so amazingly helpful

    Besides, learning typescript, for me at least, means that you’ll learn to write better js code
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    @10Dev cool thanks, a typescript file supports let and const right, i mean it supports the javascript syntax right?
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    @souvikpunk yeah. If it exists in JavaScript, it’s supported in typescript. Typescript is just JavaScript with static typings
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    @10Dev cool thanks for solving my doubt brother, thanks a lot :)
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    @souvikpunk my pleasure dude
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    Learn typescript. It is the future. Almost all companies use it.
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    @Devnergy i will, its a bit hard but i will :) thanks
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    Yes, do learn it. I've never regretted using it
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    All JS projects at my company are being ported to Typescript, most already have been.
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    I used JS at first but soon added Flow which is library for types in plain JS then moved to Typescript.

    Tried Typescript and got hooked. I never consider writing my projects in plain JS again.

    If it is plain JS, at least I add Flow.

    If Typescript is hard right now, try Flow instead as it could help your transition to Typescript.
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