About to have damn near an entire month lf vacation. If i do something code related it will be with the only language that is kind to my heart and soul: Ruby.


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    A man after my own heart.
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    Could you tell me what you love about ruby? I always only saw ruby on rails, but I never found any good manual for ruby where I live, and I am very curious of the upsides and downsides of it!
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    I love Ruby, and Rails too! It’s just such a logical and consistent language. And clean syntax. I prefer writing in Ruby over PHP and JS. I actually look forward to work when I get to use Ruby!
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    @Root is that red good good ❤️ no other language clicks this way with me.
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    @piratefox there are plenty of resources online man! it is not a hard language to learn really. One can get productive with it rather quickly. It gets to the point when deva focus more on writing idiomatic Ruby code. I can't think of a more expressive language.

    I do not get surprised by it. Matz made it with the principle of least surprise, it so happens that the things that he would expect align well with what I normally would expect. There are many other items that would take me a while to write over mobile. Ill get more into it in the morning once i am close to my pc.
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    Ruby questions, in the last releases and specially version 3, they dropped some concepts that I feel afraid of, like if ruby is being corrupted.

    What do you think about that?
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    @mundo03 Haven’t had time to look because of that damn screwdriver project, and then I didn’t look at anything dev related because I was on a much needed vacation. I’ll look into it tomorrow.
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    @Root awesome, thanks! Rant about it please, I am subscribed.
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