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    This is just the beginning

    Can't wait for Smart homes being adopted on a large scale and then Google holding you hostage in your own home so you pay a subscription!

    "Hey, you want your fridge to cool your food and your lights to shine? Pay just 9.99 for GoogleMafia and have your home function as expected!"

    ofc all of that on top of paying your bills ;)
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    @Hazarth Oh thats no issue. When that shit happens, restart the house, they will lose connection.
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    So google home is fully cloud-based? All lights turn off whenever there is any problem with the internet connection?

    Really? No offline functionality at all? Not even manual switching by using the actual light switches? Seriously?
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    @Oktokolo correct. This is how many services work - for whatever inane reason, they all require "cloud" connectivity.

    They want to know how you use the product so they can feed it into more product development and/or sell it to third parties.
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    @Hazarth Heh, you will have to root your home.
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    @junon That really really sucks and is really really stupid.
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    @oktokolo it depends on your setup. Philips hue stays off if you flip the switch and it was off, but mine go on after a power failure/removal. They usually also have LAN clients you can use on WiFi in case something happens with your internet connection.
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    Wow. That is so obviously a really bad idea. And people will realize that quickly when they start integrating their heating - at least in the colder climates.
    It isn't only clouds going offline. The uplink of the home can go down too. Routers die, fibers get ripped by sloppy construction workers, internet service providers mess up their routing all the time.
    And it isn't like IT in general is known for unbreakably high security standards either...

    There have to be physical switches and dials on the actual devices, so they can always be controlled manually too.
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