I am in need of a new Technopoly/Chinese pocket surveillance mobile device. Since I am obligated by work to own a pocket surveillance device, and I have been an iPhone user for a while now and all my stuff is there, does anyone have a recommendation in the “11” range of those devices? Any bad experiences with them? Looking to spend not more than $500 for a used one (looking on Swappa.com).

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    I'm not really a fan of phones that don't become servers when their racing years are behind them.
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    Forgive me if I misread, but if you have to get a device for work, work has to pay for it.
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    @Jilano I am a freelancer. But I need said device to get business done and to manage cloud services on the go. I am my boss that is paying for it. :)
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    You don't want a surveilling phone, but looking at your profile you seem to be all into social media? That doesn't add up in my head.
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    @ScriptCoded Well, each one of us has a career that, for better or worse, ended up being not what we thought it would be when we began it. Each one of us has a different perspective now than we did when we started on that path. At the time I took that kind of work and made it my career, the issues we're facing now were abstract conspiracy-level conjecture. Hindsight is always 20/20 (ha!). So, now that I'm here and I earn my daily bread from it, I have a new project of figuring out how to extricate myself from it. I can't do so in a day, or even a year. Gradually I will evolve my career to something that doesn't involve so much social media management for clients and, if I'm lucky, not so much dependence on mobile devices. But, for now, I have to live in the world my 1996-2020 self created until I figure out a way to escape it. Current phone is reaching end of support. Just need a new one to help me get to the next step. Preferably not new to avoid feeding China.

    Any recommendations?
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    Is the difference between models under the same generation really so great as to prompt a thread asking for people to recommend a specific variant?
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    ++ for Chinese pocket surveillance device
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    Nokia or motorola. Really close to vanilla android and cheap.
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    Are... Are you really asking "Which iPhone 11 should I get?"
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    Can't you get a dumb-phone?
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    @iiii Was thinking about that, but gonna have to wait until further down the road, once I'm more extricated from The Matrix.
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    To those who were helpful, thank you.

    To those who just came here to gripe about my post...thanks for nothing?
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    Im still using a ZTE Axon 7 from 2016. Solid phone that will probably last some more years. You can pick one up for around 200$ from ebay since its not sold anymore.
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