So, let me preface this by saying I come from a backend (mostly c#) background.

The way React handles objects changing in state is horrendous. And if you decide to try using hooks, God help you.

I honestly don't know if it's Blazor or something else that will kill js, but something absolutely needs to. It is a dumb, terrible language. It has to go.

All that said, of course I'll go back to work on it tomorrow.

Sorry, js/react guys/gals. Just venting. I'm sure once I 'get it', it will make sense.

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    Most React projects (and most projects on general) fail to correctly identify whether they need client-side layering, and make the decision based on whether the lead dev likes redux or not.
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    It won't be Blazor, but here's hoping 😋
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    🤮 redux
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    If I will start my own project from scratch or a billion dollar idea project then I will not use Redux. High learning curve with lots of boilerplate code 🤯🤬
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    I fucking hate JavaScript so I’m just going to stick with Angular because at least I know that fucking works the way I need it to when I do need to use JavaScript.
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    wait, let me get this straight...

    JavaScript is stupid, because React handles state in a dumb way?

    and I guess Python is stupid, because Flask is weird about forms!
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    Fair. That gripe is framework dependent.

    But, I stand by my js hatred for a plethora of other reasons.
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    JavaScript is the suckiest language of them all. And React is just one big mess. Not just how it handles state. But everything about it is just wrong. Like jsx... somebody actually thought mixing html and javascript is a good idea lol... And just like you, me being a full-stack engineer, I have to go to work everyday and look at the fucking ugly mess of a code in react. Thankgully, most of my work is back-end related and I avoid react as much as I can
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    I would switch to react any time of the day. The resulting code is much simpler to read and use (even though it's true it's leaving more freedom to do shit), the tooling is much more usable and stable, and it's easy to avoid side effects, with much less cognitive load than imperatives frameworks or languages. I'm using Angular all day and I'd go that react stack by default for a new project if I have the choice, maybe with observables. But hey there's a reason there are frontend and backend I guess, I couldn't care less about the other side of the API.
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    It's not the suckiest language, it just have a specific history. It have much more reach nowadays than any other languages, and yeah it's full of weirdness since it's the product of a much broader consensus. If you wanna rewrite the whole www in C#, go ahead lol. You seem to forgot what the web brought and the idea without it. Originally, everybody were supposed to be able to hack something. But at the end of the day it's just a language, op isn't even shitting on JS he's just whining because of react paradigm.
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