At home. Phone and backup drives connected to the computer, nothing else (no external monitors, no mouse, no extra keyboard). I like it zen. One of the drives makes this turbine-like sound when on, which gives me the "ALL SYSTEMS GO" alert I need. Couple of albums lined up on [insert music streaming service here], boosting on the Bluetooth speakers.

I can work for 12 hours straight like that. (Twelve hours later, takes eyes off the screen, *blink blink blink*, is there any food in the house, oh, wow, my kidneys are killing me, when was the last time I took a piss?, also I should definitely take a shower, but while I'm doing that I can think about that class interfacing with that other one and making them... wait, I should write this down... sits down again)

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    *envious* for real. I have concentration problems..
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    That's one of the reasons I don't have multiple monitors. It's very easy to leave one of them with some social network on or something.
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