The invasion has begun! Stress shall be vanquished from the land!

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    You can summon Shenron with 2 more balls and ask for eternal life!
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    You got a surface book or surface pro and are you happy with it? (I saw Surface pen that's why I ask)
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    SurfaceBook for the win
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    @liammartens I had a SP3 and recently bought an SP4, I loved the SP3 and mainly used the pen for notes and doodling haha
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    @liammartens I have a surface book. I honestly love it. The screen is lovely to look at (resolution, colour reproduction) spec is lovely good enough to do pretty much any task I throw at it on the road, I enjoy the form factor (don't like the tablet keyboards, nice and light) it's the best laptop I've ever owned (though its predecessors weren't great)
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    Two more stress balls and you can summon dfox
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