I wanna write code NOT TRYNNA FIND WHY ANACONDA HAS TAKEN OVER MY ENTIRE COMPUTER. I've spent the last day looking for answers. I'm now a full day behind with my project.
The mental breakdown is near.

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    Fuck anaconda. I installed it on a Linux machine once, the takeover was so bad I had to do a fresh install
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    There's too many god damn snakes on this motherfucking platform
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    Isn't anaconda the red hat installer...

    I'm sure I'm wrong and the information is a fossil... But confused.
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    @IntrusionCM yes it is. A headless system setup script
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    @IntrusionCM Anaconda is a Python distribution popular in data science and ML because it's built around the conda package manager that has a lot of DS and ML stuff and also does environments and stuff and is really nice to use. Plus anaconda comes with a lot of defaults useful for data science and ML.

    Much than pip + virtualenv stuff at least for DS and ML because usually "just works" better with conda.
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    Replay the lion king...

    Anything highly mathematical / MI / AI / ... belongs to the shadow land...

    Me not touchy touch. XD ;)

    But THX for the heads up
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    @SortOfTested hahahahah YES
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