Terminal/Command Prompt or IDE! What do you prefer most for working on your projects?

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    VSCode isn't really either of those, but I use that. An editor that somewhat resembles an IDE.
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    I don't think a modern project gets done without both, loosely defined.
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    SQL console
    Cluster SSH
    Yakuake / Konsole
    Kate (Text, RegEx, Sorting / Aggregation)
    IntelliJ (Java)
    VSCodium (Python/Bash/PHP)
    Excel (Data, Sorting / Aggregation / Representation)
    PythonCLI / PHPCli - Validation/Testing/Fast code / Complex calculations
    DBeaver - SQL execution / Export / Backup / Representation (Office Export / SVG)

    Might be one or two lesser used things I forgot...
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    I'll usually use the IDEs built in functionality for most tasks. Some I'll fall back to the console however, especially when I want to execute something *exactly* as intended. I'll also fall back to the console for all but the simplest git tasks - I know how the git cli works, but I'm not learning how (for instance) a custom GUI deals with cherry picking, bisecting, etc.
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    IDE and Terminal. They comp(l)ete (with) each other
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    IDE (visual studio 19), vscode (ide like editor), linqpad (editor/runner,playground), notepadd++, terminals (powershell, bash).

    It all depends on what the current task/project needs.
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    both. Each day, every day
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    IDE no brainer. Specifically VSCode
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    iTerm 2 + Sublime.

    Trying to stay away from the Microsoft: atom, vscode, GitHub, NPM takeover.

    VSCode has a lot of great stuff though. I just don’t need it - and since I’m recording myself program a lot - Sublime is really fast and clean UI.
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