=Your Human Body!!= what do u think you run on in real life??
What do you think you run on??
Brain: C++
Skin and bones: HTML + CSS
Data: Typescript or Javascript Or Node.js
Walking and breathing: Python
Defense: Java cause every white blood cell is a new class
sleeping is basically C++ packing in all the files unless someone gets drunk they cant pack correctly thats why their brain is probably messed up >=) i would say the beer is corrupted code folders

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    The dev who designed my bod was apparently just learning how to code.
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    @phat-lasagna then tell him to fIx hIs cOdE
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    My dick is running in assembly (@rutee07 to judge that line - hoping for a 9/10 as B grade).
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    I am no longer afraid of any competition that appears after this point in time.
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    OMG i cant wait to show everyone my first game coded! i just need to learn java for the last part :)) i just hope i dont break it like the last 5 times
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    Hopefully your tongue wasn't made in Lisp

    Ba dum tss
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    @neeno yOur gOinG tO bRaZil
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    @Phazor001 jokes on you, I already live in Brazil
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    My brain is running on C++, uh!

    So are my epileptic episodes like segfaults?
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    @neeno Bruh how come u didnt get kidnapped yet ? and selled to program stuff and get good food while being held hostage but no people guarding your cell?
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    @PepeTheFrog u have sizures?, what do they feel like? also thats a C++ compiler that throws out random errors, one more thing have you tried sniffing garlic or roses to stop them?
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    Sometimes I think my brain was written in brainfuck

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    How can I change my padding?
    Someone gave me 100kg of padding
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    Funny data is on some for of javascript, that explain why I am slow and forget things by the end the day
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    @Hazarth this is probably gonna occupy my entire day tomorrow
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    @mundo03 Syntax error on line 0 undefined is not defined'
    this is why i hate js u have to dfine every word or item
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