Stephen Hawking has just under 70k followers on Twitter. Kim Kardashian has just under 50 million followers. This realization really pissed me off - most humans are just idiots.

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    Thats because many of the intelligent people dont bother using twitter... I dont have twitter...
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    @linuxer4fun nice self-compliment bro
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    i guess its easier to follow butts than brains
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    The dude that created C passed away, but no one noticed either.
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    @eldamir jup... So... Hidden... Rethorically
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    Kim who?
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    I'm surprised that 70k twitter users even know who Hawking is. In my country, twitter is mostly a sort of echo chamber for far left journalists trading SJW points with each other, and those folks probably don't even know who Newton or Einstein was.
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