What are your thoughts on Java Spring?

Good, bad, complicated, useful?

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    Pretty good overall, though a little dated and heavy.

    Micronaut is punching up of late.
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    Spring is great if you want things developed fast. It's got lots of things covered for you, lots of concepts, lots of integrations with other frameworks and it hides tremendous amounts of boilerplate code.

    Spring DOES add some overhead because it's happily married to reflection. Debugging Spring is usually a pain and learning all the things about it takes some time and energy. Also, bear in mind that if you marry Spring, your tests will most likely require Spring Context spun up for each of the test cases (this also means you'll have to fish down all the beans you're using and replace them with mocks where appropriate), unless you're very strict about constructor injection. So if you slip there, your tests will be sloooow.

    If you go with Spring, use SpringBoot. SpringBoot for Spring is like Spring for Java :)

    - definitely good
    - definitely useful
    - yes, a bit complicated

    I used to be a fan of Spring. Now I'm rediscovering the beauty and performance of vanilla Java [using the right patterns] :)
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    Good and useful
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    What's a Java? (TM)
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    Think of it as using an actual spring for java. Sure its durable, stable, tuning it is a problem, it usually left out in updates, its bulky and you will will have a hard time fixing it if something breaks
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    Java Spring is good, bad, complicated and useful at the same time because Java is all-encompassing and omnipresent like a deity
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    When a mommy javelina and a daddy javelina have a friend they both really like...
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