Programmer BF before we were dating: I love my job. My job is the best thing ever. I will never love anything as much as I love coding.

Me: K

*A few months later*

Me: Ugh, your alarm is going off. Wake up.

PBF: I don't wanna go to work 😭

Me: Oh really? 😏

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    nice to see non dev ranters, wish I could convince my gf to use devRant too, only prob is we broke up :'( the feels
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    @leviathan07 dang, sorry to hear that buddy.
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    @leviathan07 I'm so sorry :( I'm sure it was more her loss than yours
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    He might love coding but not the job. People around him, organization culture, tasks assigned...
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    @Eariel I feel as if you're overanalysing this 😂 I just meant now he enjoys spending time with me more than he enjoys coding. Hence why he didn't want to go to work.
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