Got mixed feelings about dart/flutter 😕

On one hand, I find it very easy to work with and very fast for prototyping. Everything is smooth once you compile it.

On the other hand, I keep running into weird as shit bugs and missing functionality. The bugs are primarily related to iOS, so that might not entirely be their fault. Last one required me to delete the entire project and rebuild it, the clean command didn't work shit.
It's quite annoying that so many features are missing, but I guess that's life, when you try to work with a multi platform language...

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    I've been trying Dart lately (without flutter) and it's been alright

    The language feels a bit too dynamic for my taste though, like
    int a = null
    Actually compiles and I really don't like it :/
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    Flutter is too recent to complain... I still prefer ionic 5 for multiplatform dev
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